Guidance to Competitive & Board Examinations, Projects, Research, Career In One Click!.

Students: View & Apply For Employment Opportunities

Students can freely access all the job posts. One or more job posts can be selected at a time and applied for.

Free Access As Student (View Jobposts)

Recruiters: Post An Employment Opportunity (It is free!) Signup As Recruiter

1. Recruiters can register themselves by signing up (for free) and are allowed to post jobs for free.

2. All basic services for recruiter will be provided free of cost.

3. Recruiters can keep a job open as long as they want. They can close a job, once the post is filled up (or eliminated).

4. Recruiters will be able to post at most 10 open job positions.

5. Closed jobs will be eliminated from the database automatically in a periodic basis.

6. Users can view the job postings and send their resume directly to recruiters email.

Recruiters: Advertise A Premium Employment Opportunity

1. Recruiters can post images (in gif/bmp/jpg/svg/png format) & videos (as link to Vimeo / Youtube) with job advertisements describing open positions. image / video can be linked with a job post and a screening test.

2. A premium recruiter can have at most 3 images and 3 video posted (can be replaced).

3. Premium recruiters will be able to post at most 25 open job positions in addition to 6 premium jobs mentioned in (2).

4. CliqueLearn will not store users' resume in the server. Applicants can apply (i) Using cover letter & CV (ii) With Social media profiles (iii) With work samples and links (iv) With video links (to brief about themselves).

5. Register as a normal recruiter and contact us for upgrade. All these facilities come with Rs 1000 (+ S.T. extra) per year.

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