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Online Career Counselling Services Offered

We provide various career counselling services to the students registered to our system. Following tools are used for the purpose.

Online Career Counselling System Online Career Counselling System
Career counsellors will advice you on your career path, admission to schools, colleges & universities, discuss on how to prepare for competitive examinations, on selection of appropriate specializations and many such other topics.

Terms & Conditions (For Users)

Details: Details:
  • 1. All communications must be and will be done in English only.
  • 2. Password provided by the system must be kept secret. It is not permitted to share the system password with anyone else. In case you suspect a leak, please contact system administrator at the earliest.
  • 3. User of the system must not use obscene / incoherent languages or post a topic irrelevant of academic purpose.
  • 4. The tool administrator reserves the right to block an account if it is found to be shared among multiple students or if the account is misused for non-academic purposes.
  • 5. In case the registration remains valid, the academic materials will be re-adjusted once promotion is confirmed by a board examination student.
  • 6. Individual experts will be reponsible for answering queries. Experts' responses will be reviewed before posting.
  • 7. System does not impose any restriction to the student users to give benefits of misclicks, accidental postings, open questions or unclear discussions. The service limit is imposed by the service provider's side.
  • 8. The service provider reserves the right of adding new service(s) or modifying service methodology / system.
  • 9. Responses are provided within 4 (four) working days for non-research services and 25 (twenty five) working days for research oriented services.
  • 10.The system is best viewed in all HTML5 supporting browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox.
  • 11.Server maintenance / upgradation durations will be notified.

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