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Online Business Analytics Trainings Offered

We conduct online training programs in the area of computer science and information technology.

Methodology Methodology
Trainings are provided for 30 hours lecture sessions followed by a project for 15 days. Sufficient study materials are provided. Participants must successfully clear the test and complete the project to complete the course. Certificates are provided after successful completion of the courses.

Subject Details Subject Details
Trainings in the following area are being conducted at present.
  1. Business Analytics
  2. Introduction to Statistical Methods
  3. Data Mining
  4. Mathematical Foundations for Data Science
  5. Data Science with R
  6. Introduction to Data Science
  7. Optimization Methods for Analytics
  8. Data Visualization
  9. Stream Processing and Analytics
  10. Artificial Intelligence
  11. Machine Learning
  12. Data Warehousing
  13. Systems for Data Analytics
  14. Graphs - Algorithms and Mining
  15. Big Data Systems
  16. Deep Learning
  17. Natural Language Processing
  18. Probabilistic Graphical Models
  19. Information Retrieval
  20. Distributed Computing
For course structure, schedule and other details please write to us.

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