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CliqueLearn is a e-learning portal for all developmental needs of students. In the year 2015 we started as an academic, skillbuilding, research and career oriented services for students and professionals. We integrate cutting edge technology with enormous teaching, training & mentoring experience to build the system which is user friendly, convenient and easy to use. CliqueLearn not only provides various kinds of resources, facilities and services that a learner requires to excel in his career, but also builds a multilevel collaboration platform.

CliqueLearn provides a powerful platform for individuals who are striving and aspiring to reach new height in their career and face the challenges of 21st century.

AcademicsHelping students to gain competitive edge (with the help of technological prowess) by accurate personal profiling, course designing and pursuing continuous improvement program. Helping to attain a new high.
SkillbuildingHelping professionals to upskill/reskill quickly by appropriate and personalized course design, individual guidance, perfection in execution. Helping to attain a new high.
CareerOne stop solution to career movements - Career counselling & Resume writing services by experts, a next generation recruitment solution (apply through social media profile, self indroduction video, screening tests) and a freelance (Earn while Learn) job management solution to provide real life project experience.
Research Promoting twenty-first century collaborative research platform. Research problems are increasingly taking multidisciplinary approach. A collaborative platform
like CliqueLearn can help researcher to make quick progress in their research.

Our Services:

We provide academic and research oriented services to the students registered to our system, while career oriented services are open to all. Our services are focused on individuals, fulfilling personal developmental needs. Please select the bubbles in the below diagram to know more about the tools, facilities, and functions provided by CliqueLearn Portal . Also visit the menu links to know more about our services, terms & conditions, registration type and method.

The System

The Mechanism

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